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About Jeff
Some of My Experience 

I am Licensed Professional Counselor in Missouri and a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Kansas. For 30 years I have helped individuals, couples, families change their lives, relationships and achieve their dreams.  I have always believed that you, I and we can win, change, learn, grow and succeed in life. Since I was young I was often able to inspire others. In high school I was voted “most school spirited” partly, I believe, for my attempts to incite my class to be the wildest and loudest at pep rallies and we won every year. They later elected me their senior class president. I love what I do. So in a way my job hasn’t changed, only now I employ knowledge, skills and hard-earned experience to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

My path hasn’t been perfect or straight in getting here and I am still growing. I recently asked my best friend, who has known me since we were both young therapists in 1985, what he thought my greatest strength has been. He suggested to me it is my commitment to learn and continue working on my own personal growth through all the years that he has known me. I bring my whole life experience along with my knowledge and skills to my psychotherapy work. I think that I have been a lot like all of these men in the quote that follows, at one time time in my life, with me you get a real person in addition to a professional counselor and guide.

"There are three types of men.
The one that learns by reading. The few who learn by observation.
The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves." Will Rogers

I continue to search for ways to blend the traditions of the counseling and guidance field with the latest developments in areas such as brain research, the mind/body relationship and life coaching. I have been and continue to be a student of both eastern and western approaches to living a good life, a life with heart, each day. Learning and applying these things in my life and helping others is my passion.

Professional Experience

I began my career as a psychotherapist in an inpatient treatment program for alcoholism and addiction here in Kansas City. At that time one of my jobs was to conduct a group for family members of hospitalized inpatients. From there I moved on to being a therapist in an outpatient treatment program, later a director/therapist for a large local insurance company’s metropolitan alcoholism and addiction services and then an owner/therapist in outpatient treatment program for chemical dependency. I moved on to a large group practice as a psychotherapist in 1998. I began my own solo psychotherapy practice in 2010.
Jeff Crawford's Education, Licenses, Memberships

Bachelors Degree Biology/Chemistry     1981   - Southeast Missouri State University
Masters Degree    Counseling-Guidance 1985 - University of Missouri - Kansas City
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor   - Kansas  
Friends of Esalen - Member
Certified Conscious Loving and Living Coach         - Certification
Human Being                                                     - School of Life, Hard Knocks and Love 
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Jeff Crawford M.A., LPC, LCPC     Phone: (913) 219-4104
Substance Abuse Professional      Email:
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